“Headlights on the Driveway,” Now on JDate’s JMag

JDate, the font of so many colorful dating adventures for me, graciously let me contribute an essay related to the book to its JMag section. The title is “Headlights on the Driveway and Other Awkward Dating Moments.”  The essay covers some of the excruciating encounters that the risk-tolerant dater must at times endure, ranging from the short and sour to the endless “Twilight Zone” interludes. Here’s the mood:

You’re out there emotionally, revealing hopes and fears and your brightest smile. Do it long enough and you get a thick skin that still bleeds easily. Sure, you want to leap into the great romance of your life, but that electricity doesn’t always strike. More often, you’re drenched in a chill drizzle of encounters that range between wryly amusing (in retrospect) to heartbreaking.


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