Publication Day

“A Kosher Dating Odyssey” becomes properly available today. I’ve had friends already email me that Amazon has sent out the paperback version. I’m waiting to hear about the Kindle version. I’ve had some gratifying congratulatory calls, including from my friend referred to as Chloe the Oracle of Romance in the book. She’s soon to get her copy. The references to her could be a great ice-breaker in her online dating activities.

I have no idea what coming days will bring, although at least one article is set to run about the book and I continue to alert editors about it. Who’ll find it interesting as fodder for a review or just as a good read is anybody’d guess. The essays I’m doing in support of the book could turn in to excellent material for a revised edition down the road; one essay is evening inspiring me to write a short story for a contest being sponsored by the Texas Observer newspaper.

What comes next creatively? I have some ideas. I always have ideas. Execution remains the issue. To goose up the competitive spirit, I attended a panel presentation by three romance novel writers at the Ridgefield Public Library today. Hearing other writers always inspires me, and now that I have one real, honest-to-goodness book to my credit, I can keep thinking about what comes next. Surely this can’t be the peak of my writing career — have keyboard, will travel to distant lands and write about topics that have been bubbling in me for decades.

All I have to do is turn off the Internet and get back to banging out what’s already in me, just waiting to burst out — a little later than I expected in life, but the only present I have is right now.



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